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Treeguard - HopOn Slacklines
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Treeguard - HopOn Slacklines
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Special Felt Wrap to Protect Trees


$ 15.95

A special felt wrap designed to protect both the bark of the tree and your slackline from wear and tear. Velcro at the end of the treeguard makes it easy to handle and fasten, and prevents the guard from slipping during set-up of your slackline.

Comes as a set of two (one per tree).


  • Contains 2 treeguard pads, each one measuring 39.4 in. x 5.7 in.; several Treeguard pads can be joined together to fit around large trees
  • Durable, non-slip felt construction
  • Velcro ends keep the Treeguard from slipping during set-up
  • System can be extended for larger trees

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