About Us

Hi Friends. We're a family run slackline business in Leavenworth, WA, a small mountain town and Bavarian tourist destination here in the Pacific Northwest. We hate reading boring corporate about pages probably as much as you do. So, since you took the time to come to this page, we'll  try to give you some real insight into who we are.

How did we get started? Because we're here in Leavenworth (an outdoor hiking/climbing/kayaking/biking mecca) we spend a lot of time among the trees. When we're out with friends and family rock climbing, hiking, snow shoeing, or just hanging at the beach, we'll often take a slackline along. Check out our owner, Jacob Hopkins, below.

slackline trick hand hold power move

Jacob is big into getting people (especially kids) outside to play. He also comes from an entrepreneurial family. At some point a few years it occurred to Jacob that he'd like to design his own slacklines. So he did. And people loved it. And they snapped them up like crazy. Now we have HopOn Slacklines.

What is Hopon up to now? Since that first slackline, dubbed "the Original", we've branched out with a number of different designs and styles. Our focus now is all about education (helping people learn to slackline) and innovation (we're designing tools that make it easier and safer to slackline, as well as slacklines that can be used for new and innovate purposes).

And as ever, we try to spend time outside on our longlines. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


~ Jacob Hopkins & the crew at HopOn Slacklines

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