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XL Slackline Treeguard
XL Slackline Treeguard

Special Felt Wrap to Protect Trees

XL Slackline Treeguard

$ 8.95

A special felt wrap designed to protect both the bark of the tree and your slackline from wear and tear. Velcro at the end of the Treeguard makes it easy to handle and fasten, and prevents the guard from slipping during set-up of your slackline.

Comes as a set of two (one per tree).


  • CAN FIT ANY SIZE TREE: Kit Contains 2 Treeguard pads (choose either 40”, 51”, or 63" long by 5.7" wide). Get the larger size for bigger trees.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Thick non-slip felt wrap with velcro fastening will extend the life of your slackline by protecting it from abrasion. Protects the bark for the tree from the slackline. Can be left up outdoors and survive the elements.
  • EASY USE & STORAGE: Simple system is easy to setup around any tree or anchor points. Felt wraps can be easily taken down and rolled up tight for quick storage.
  • EXTENDABLE: Several Treeguard pads can be joined together to fit around large trees. When extended will fit around and protect any tree.

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