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50ft Balance Aid for Beginners


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Shorten the slackline learning curve with this "help line." This "help line" is a balance aid for novice slackliners that is set up above the slackline within arms reach. For those trying out slacklining for the first time, the helpline can be used to maintain balance during those first wobbly steps.

If you are looking to take it to the next level, throw a short piece of webbing or rope over the top of the help line and use the help line as an overhead guide while walking. The helpline can also be used by those looking to explore new tricks as a way to build the muscle memory of advanced or complex movements.

Easy setup: Can be mounted above any slackline to help beginners learn how to balance themselves. The line is 50 feet in length and comes with a two-piece ratchet system for easy tightening. Avoid other guide lines that require knots or rely on friction to stay tight as they must constantly be readjusted.

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