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10 Ways to Setup a Slackline without Using a Tree

Want to setup your slackline, but you don't have a couple of big trees (conveniently spaced apart) located nearby? No problem! Here are a few options for rigging up a slackline without anchoring your line with a tree. Quick & Easy Methods Permanent Outdoor Methods Indoor Options Quick & Easy Methods Option #1 - Use a Kit: You don't need trees to slackline. You just need a couple of anchor points, and something to suspend the line off the ground. Enter the slackline stands & anchors kit. The basic premise of all the kits is the same, with the main differences being in price, flexibility and anchor points. Slackabout Kit - A simple "a-frame & anchor" kit that isn't highly technical, but...

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Slackline World Records (2017 Edition)

Published: 3/5/2017 It's crazy how far people are pushing the sport of slackline. Every time we think we've seen it all someone else comes along with a crazy stunt or longline that blows us away. Here's our list of the most recent official, and unofficial, slackline world records. (This list regularly updated). Jump to Record: Longest Highline Longest Highline - woman Longest Highline Free Solo (no leash) Longest Longline Longest Longline - woman Longest Waterline Random Records Longest Highline Length: 3,326.5 feet (or more than a kilometer) Height: 1,968.5 feet off the ground at its highest point. Held by: Danny Menšík & Nathan Paulin Where: Aiglun, France When: April 19, 2016 What Makes it especially impressive: A drone helicopter was used to help string...

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Slacklines 101 - Getting Started

What is slacklining? How do you get started, and what equipment do you need? For those of you new to slacklining, let's start from the beginning. Quick Overview Slacklining is the art of balancing and walking on a soft and stretchy 1" or 2" wide strap called "webbing". The line is suspended off the ground anywhere from 3 to 3,000 feet and fixed between two anchors points. Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking, except with the nylon webbed "slackline" instead of cable or rope. You also won't find any self-respecting slackliner using a long balance pole. By varying the tension of the webbing, slackliners are able to create dynamic "lines" for performing trampoline style tricks, doing yoga, or walking distances of up to 1km. Related:...

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7 Slacklining Benefits Supported by Research

Balance is at the very core of just about every activity we do, be it walking, standing, running or dancing, yet very few of us actually work at improving it. What a terrible shame! Numerous scientific studies have pointed to the benefits of balance training for everything from injury prevention to rehab and athletic training. Here we've compiled a list of slacklining benefits based on the latest research, our own observations and feedback from users. 1. Corrects Bad Posture Bad posture is, well, bad for you... Not only is it the culprit behind most back and neck pain, but a host of other negative health consequences as well. Slacklining, it turns out, can actually help with bad posture. A recent study found...

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11 Slackline Videos that Inspire & Amaze Us

11. The Slackladder 10. Untethered - Free Solo World Record 9. 1km Long Slackline Between 2 Mountain Peaks 8. Slackline Meets Art 7. Slacklining on a Bike (start at the 2:30 mark) 6. 2016 Slackline Tricks Highlight Reel 5. World's Longest Highline Destroyed by Lightning 4. Slacklining Between Air Balloons 3. Slacklining Above the Streets of Italy 2. Highlining Meets Tricklining 1. Base Jumping off a Slackline

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