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5 Best Slacklines for Beginners - Buyer's Guide

"What's the best slackline for beginners?" It's an important question, and understandable considering the hundreds of different slackline brands, styles and setups to choose from. You want to avoid picking a slackline that involves complicated setup, is too bouncy or, worse, is poorly made and poses a safety hazard. Beginner Slacklines - What to Look for Safety & Quality Certification Top "Helpline" Included with Kit Line Made With "Low Stretch" Webbing Here are some important things to consider when shopping for a beginner slackline: Safety. We've seen a ton of new slackline sellers enter the market in the last couple years. This is good new for the sport (it's growing!), but bad news for beginners who don't know what they're buying. Our...

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Slackline Surfing - Ways to Surf the Line

What is slackline surfing? Surfing on a slackline generally refers to the art of rocking a slackline back and forth at speed, much in the same way you might carve with a surfboard. Slacklining, however, is still an evolving sport, and slackliners are finding ever new ways to push the envelope when it comes to "surfing the line". Traditional Slackline Surfing A longer, loose line + quick oscillations  = slackline surfing. A still upper body while your legs and hips do all the work is key. Variations include the double leg, single leg, the circle surf and the surf walk. Rodeo Line Surfing A rodeo line is an extremely loose slackline set up between two high anchor points, usually at least 10...

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Find Places to Slackline (and People to Slackline with)

Are you looking to find a good place to slackline in your area, or in a new area you're planning to visit? We've collected a number of resources and maps that should help you locate an amazing place to set up a line, as well as find people to slackline with! NOTE: We will keep this article regularly updated as new slackline meetup and map resources become available. Slackline Maps A few people have had the idea of creating slackline "maps," or databases of slackline locations. While no map is yet exhaustive, you should be able to locate a good slackline location/hangout on one of them. A few of these tools even allow you to upload your own (so contribute...

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Is Slacklining Legal in the USA? - Access & Legality Overview

Many cities, parks and counties across the United States are working on rules, regulations and codes around slackling, which is still considered by most an "emerging sport." This means many law enforcement officers, park rangers and security guards don't actually know what the rules say, or are operating in gray areas when deciding to allow slacklining or not in parks and other public areas. This lack of clarity can sometimes lead to pretty funny interactions with law enforcement.  Is slacklining legal in the USA? In general, in the USA, slacklining is allowed in most cities, parks and public places. Some of the more popular areas for slacklining have some level of regulation, and a few places have all but banned it. The

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How to Slackline - Tips for Getting Started

How do you slackline? If you're new to slacklining, the idea of walking a 1" or 2" wide slackline can seem intimidating. But the truth is you need not be a balance master to "walk the line." Follow these practical tips, and throw in a little perseverance and patience, and you'll be balancing on a slackline in no time. Related: How to Set up a Slackline Set the Line Low This might be obvious, but setting the slackline low to the ground will not only decrease your anxiety of falling once you're on, but will make it easier to get on and off the line (which will happen often when you're starting out!). We recommend setting the line 1.5 to 2 feet...

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