Find Places to Slackline (and People to Slackline with)

Are you looking to find a good place to slackline in your area, or in a new area you're planning to visit? We've collected a number of resources and maps that should help you locate an amazing place to set up a line, as well as find people to slackline with!

NOTE: We will keep this article regularly updated as new slackline meetup and map resources become available.

Slackline Maps

A few people have had the idea of creating slackline "maps," or databases of slackline locations. While no map is yet exhaustive, you should be able to locate a good slackline location/hangout on one of them. A few of these tools even allow you to upload your own (so contribute back to the community if you get a chance)!

SlackMap: This one is our favorite, and seems to be the most well used. It's an open source mapping database with thousands of slackliner contributors. What's great about this tool is it not only shows slackline spots in your area, but also overlays specific slackline endpoints and lengths on a map. Note: Zoom in to your specific area to see the detailed map.

Gibbon Slackspot: This is another map that relies on contributions from slackliners. The map was created by slackline manufacturer Gibbon. One of its best/unique features is callouts of upcoming contests. The map locations are still a little thin, particularly outside of Europe, but it lists 300-400 spots.

Slack People Map: This is an ambitious project that hasn't quite reached its full potential, but holds lots of promise. Slack People is website portal that, among other things, has a map showing slackline meetup and club locations. Most of the website is confusing to use, but the map is pretty straightforward. It only has a hundred or so meetups/clubs currently listed, but still worth looking for one in your area!

Other Resources for Finding Places to Slackline

The Reddit Slackline forum has a number of threads outlining places to slackline in different areas. Look for your area! If you don't see your area listed, start a new thread and you'll likely get some feedback (you might even find some people to session with).

UK Slackline Map: A map-level view of slackline groups in the UK.

Find People to Slackline With

Slackliner Database: Balance Community has created a great resource for locating slackliners around the world. Just zoom into your area and click a map pin for info about the slackliner and their contact details. Add your own as well!

Slack People Database: Another database where you can both find slackliners (by location or gender), and add your own profile.

Local Slackline Groups Facebook Listing: This is a pretty good list of slackline groups in different countries. Start here, then connect with the group on Facebook.

Slackline Clubs in the UK: If you're in the UK check out the website for a listing of clubs and local active Facebook groups.

Slackline Subreddit: A post here ("looking for slackliners in my city") is a good way to get connected with other slackliners.

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